7/13/2011 Finding Rest in God

I can’t tell you how often I feel just entirely drained at the end of a
typical workday. Most nights I lay in bed thinking about how I’m going to
meet tomorrow’s deadlines and bottom lines (not to mention the expectations
of my boss). As these thoughts sap the very last bit of my strength, I’m
left with little more than a lingering feeling that one more day has passed
and I’ve done nothing to advance God’s kingdom. Worse yet is the same
feeling that tomorrow will be the same.
But today was quite different. I went to bed in a hot, sticky room where
the air is thick enough to cut. After a long, hot, tiring day of traveling
in truck beds to remote churches, teaching in VBS, prayer walking, CHE
meetings, group meetings, etc…being fully exhausted I found rest. Real
rest. As I drift to sleep I think about tomorrow with its similar format
and find myself amazed at the contentment within, even inspiration welling
inside. I’m not worried about what tomorrow may bring because I know that
God will do what He decides to do and that gives me great peace, peace I
rarely experience. A peace that comes from knowing that whatever I do,
provided it is in His will, will be enough and that is good.
I have been given rest for my soul in the midst of exhaustion – a blessing
that could come from God.

David Wilken

One response to “7/13/2011 Finding Rest in God

  • Beckie Zachary

    What joy — just made me sing….I thank God for your obedience to go and spread the Word. Thanks for the udpate!

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