7/13/2011 The Day of The Fish

After being embedded for two days with the local fishermen, they were
amused by my introduction of two fishing rods to John Claude. Today I
decided to fish their way in hope of catching more fish. We put out six
drop lines with about ten hooks per line. They baited them with cut bait
called “lauk” in Creole. When we retrieved them one by one, we had only one
cod from the deep. It weighed about one pound.
As we motored back in, I let my spinning rod out with a lure to trole our
way in. I prayed earnestly to catch a fish so they could see that it worked
other than fishing on the bottom. About then I felt a big strike on my
line. Everyone in the boat was excited. It put up a good fight which gave
me a  chance to show how the slip clutch looks. When we landed it, it was
about 4 pounds. They are not use to catching sport fish.
It was a great day with the fishermen from Haiti. I think that we may have
landed a bait and tackle shop for John Claude.

Brother Curt Hall

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