Mexico – Day 3 – Royal Priesthood

We are finished with our houses. All three teams were able to apply both layers of stucco today, and three families received new homes. It wasn’t Extreme Home Makeover, but it was enough. I spent some more time with our team’s homeowner and got to know more about her life. She makes about $68 a week after taxes, and with that money, she is raising 3 children. Chela’s mother (Maria) lives with her, and her 2 brothers live next door.

And the home we built for them gives them new hope. There were a lot of tears today as we presented Chela with the keys to the home. She was overwhelmed with emotion and she broke down. She thanked God for the gift He had given her, and that was the first time she had ever acknowledged Him all week. She doesn’t go to church, and she never shared what she believed in. Hopefully this week has opened her eyes to His works, and her heart opens up to His call. One thing that will stick with me is Chela’s determination to get a picture of the team. Her intent is to frame the picture, hang it in her living room, and tell people about the group that built her home.

Tonight was another great worship session. Shawn Dilbeck, Shawn Paul & Vince Brooks have done an amazing job in leading us in worship this week. Jim McGhee led a great devotional on another facet of our identity in Christ – we are a royal priesthood. Great insight on what it means to serve God by ministering to those around us and pointing them to Christ. It’s daunting to carry that responsibility, but it’s one we willingly carry out.

Jose Lopez

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