Mexico – Day 4 – Children of God

Today was a good day. We left camp to go to three new locations. Teams 1 & 2 went to Tecate while Team 3 went back the the neighborhood we built in. Amor found three unfinished homes for us to complete, so we went off to do so. We were told that two homes needed the second coat of stucco while one home needed both. We did not expect to find the homes in the conditions they were in.

When we arrived at the first site, we discovered a home that was in tatters, and needed more than just the stucco. Both windows needed to be installed as well as the door. The tar paper was badly damaged, and that made our job a lot harder. Still, we formed a plan and executed it. We patched things up as well as we could and applied the first layer. While that dried, we jumped in the vans and headed to the second site. That location had some challenges (and the homeowners were unavailable to meet is there) but we quickly got to work and determined the best course of action. We got the second layer applied, packed up and headed back to the first site. We quickly set up and applied the second layer on the house in a little over an hour. We quickly packed up, and I went to the homeowners to present them the keys. Despite the fact that they didn’t know us, hadn’t built any rapport with us, and saw us run in and out like a guerilla squad, they thanked us for finishing their home. It appeared that they had given up hope, and God used us to restore it in them. What an awesome experience.

We raced back to camp since it was so late, took quick showers and grabbed dinner. In catching up with Team 3, we heard that their home needed some work as well before the second layer could be applied. Still, they did what was needed and completed the home.

Shawn Dilbeck led us with some amazing worship songs. We went acapella tonight, and praised God for who He is. Shawn Paul shared an amazing testimony about what it means to be a child of God. We then were treated to the testimony of Pastor Labotes’ wife on how God blessed them through an Amor house 14 years ago. A house they still lice in, and will for a long time.

Thank you God for blessing us with another amazing trip.

Jose Lopez

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