7/14/2011 Conversation with a Haitian

Today as I realized that VBS was over and that there wasn’t much for me to
do I became rather homesick. Even though I knew that I had made it almost
all the way through the week I was still wanting to be back home.
However after laying in bed for some time I got up and joined Mark and Aly
(Haitian interpreter and friend) as they helped a CHE member with their
business plans. As soon as Mark left it was just down to Aly and I. Knowing
that I wasn’t much of a talker I hoped that Aly would say something.
Thankfully he did, but once he started it I couldn’t be quiet. We talked
about everything from our families to things about our countries.
The one thing that really hit me was when we talked about all the ways that
Americans put down the country of Haiti. The Haitian people are very humble
and although they are poor there is hope all around. It is very different
from the homicides that are daily in our news are rarely seen here. Plus
the Haitians honor foreign travelers. Aly told me that I was more safe here
than he was. So to say Haiti isn’t as bad as everyone says that it is, but
seeing is believing.

Chet Stanley

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