God’s Word has no borders

Thursday night I had the privilege to teach Bible study at the church here in Caracol. I truly enjoy exploring God’s Word together as one body in Christ even when we have different languages and cultures. This is such a blessing to me. The study focused on Daniel. 9, the prophesy on 70 weeks of years. At the end of our study time, many had questions, but we only had time for a few since the study started late. You could sense the hunger in some to explore this prophesy in more detail. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for putting the right study on my mind to prepare for. The church here wants me to come back soon so we can spend more time studying this and similar topics. I left my study materials with the associate pastor, hoping he will be able to use it to edify the body of Christ. Thank you God for using me in this simple way for your purpose.

One response to “God’s Word has no borders

  • browdues@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Vinnie,
    Wish I would have been there to enjoy this teaching with our dear, dear Haitian friends. Thanks for being a blessing to their hungry hearts!

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