We Arrived in Jamaica!

Good evening back in the States!  After a long day of travel, a few flight delays, and a crazy ride through the mountains of Jamaica – we are here!  It feels great to be back in Jamaica for some of us, and for most, this is the first time to the country.  Oh, and by the way, today is Jamaican Independence day!

Departing Indy

The team is onboard the plane, ready to leave.

Today was pretty much your standard travel day.  We all met early (6:30am) at Indianapolis International for our flight to Montego Bay via Atlanta.  We had a pretty long layover in Atlanta that was extended by a delay of a little over an hour.  We got to Montego Bay safely though at about 3:00pm local (4:00pm there in Indy).  After making quick work of immigration and customs we were on our way for the two and a half hour drive to the mission house in Highgate.  On our way – we stopped at a local restaurant for our first real taste of Jamaican Jerk Chicken – mmmm, good.

Weary Travelers

The group waits, and waits, in Atlanta for our flight to Jamaica.


The last part of our drive was through a long windy road in the dark with LOTS of potholes (and by Ian Flemming’s – of James Bond fame – old home).  Our arrival at the mission house at about 8pm local time was very welcome to a weary group of travelers.  Everyone got situated in their rooms, got oriented to the house, and now, we’re all headed off to bed.

Loading Luggage

The team loads up the truck with luggage upon leaving the airport

Tomorrow, we are headed to a Jamaican church in the morning, dropping by a local beach in the afternoon, and then off to a local Jamaican restaurant to dinner.  More pictures and info to come tomorrow – but for now – this weary traveler is signing off.

One response to “We Arrived in Jamaica!

  • Gail Moffitt

    Ahhh – loading the truck and sweating a bunch! Have a great week. Can’t wait to hear how worship was.

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