Jamaica – Day 2

What a great day today was on so many fronts – it was a day of rest, rejuvenation, and preparation for the week ahead.  The day began with a nice leisurely start after a long day of travel.  Everyone took their time getting up and ready.  We had an amazing breakfast of cinnamon rolls, cheese eggs, bacon, oranges, and pineapple.  Pinto – the cook here at the CSI Mission House is, well, amazing! If anyone was planning on loosing weight this week – they better forget it.

Kaleena and Katie

Kaleena White and Katie Abney do devotions by the cross overlooking the mountains and oceans – God’s creation is amazing!CSI Mission House

Getting some Mangos Down

The mission House

Many team members were able to take time this morning to see the property and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation before heading to Jamaican church at about 11.  We were told service could last 2-3 hours, which was a little concerning given the heat and required “long pant” clothing – but everyone was in good spirits.  While church ended up only being a little under 2 hours, it was a very touching experience for everyone.  Many commented this evening about how moving it was to see how the Jamaican people really worship.  Their hearts and souls just pour out to God during their worship service through song, verbal praises, and through a passionate message.  The church we went to today is headed by Arthur, one of the CSI pastor partners that will be leading our construction team tomorrow.  It was great to see Arthur in his own element as a church pastor, because for the rest of the week he’ll be our construction foreman.

Arriving at Church

Arriving at Arthur’s Church

Arthur Preaching

After our time at church – we headed back to the mission house for lunch and then headed to a local beach.  Since its Sunday, we really can’t do much work, thus we immersed ourselves into the culture at a local beach.  Certainly not what people typically think of when they think of a beach in Jamaica.  This was a truly breathtaking experience though.  A few team members even took on some Jamaicans in a game of football (we call it soccer).

Soccer at the beach

Anthony Abney and Isaac Seppel play soccer at the beach with the locals

Our day out ended at a great local restaurant called Buckaneers.  Jerk chicken or pork was on the menu, along with “Festival” (like cornbread), sweet potatoes and rice.  They also had locally made juices.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy this authentic cuisine.  After dinner it was time to head back to the mission house for briefings and preparation for construction to begin tomorrow.

Dinner at Buckaneers

Our very tastey dinner at Buckaneers – mmmm, good

We’re up early tomorrow loading the truck and off to the construction site – so that’s it for now.

Sean White

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