Jamaica – Two Houses Complete, Dedicated, and More!

Sorry for the lack of a regular update last night.  It was another busy day for us and a really exciting one.  Let’s see if we can’t get you all up to speed.Yesterday we got to see the fruits of our labor as we dedicated 2 houses. The first stop was Leroy’s house to finish up the doors and the stairs. The team all worked together to get these 2 tasks accomplished in good time. One aspect of Leroy’s house we really enjoyed was the group of children that greeted us excitedly both days we were there. The look on their faces when we arrived was priceless. Some of us were able to color and play games with them again which we all loved. It was very difficult to say goodbye to our new little friends when we were done for the day. For our dedication ceremony we had different members of the team read scripture, present Leroy with a Bible, give him the keys to his new home, sing Amazing Grace and close in prayer. It was truly beautiful. Leroy said a few words at the end to express his thanks and appreciation for providing him with a house. It was awesome to give Leroy a house, but at the same time it was hard to understand that he really didn’t have anything to put into his house.

LeRoy's House Dedication

The entire group, along with some neighborhood kids, dedicating LeRoy’s house

After waving goodbye to the kids and Leroy, we headed off to finish painting Eli’s new home. I think we set a new record for the fastest paint job in history! We painted a small house in under 2 hours! Seeing all of us finally doing the exact same thing and all working together was awesome. Once the painting was done, we dedicated the house to Eli with prayer, scripture and singing also.

Painting Eli's House

The group painting Eli’s house….very quickly

Wednesday evening we were able to visit the Pringle Children’s Home. Some of us played a quick soccer game while others started some games inside. The kids seemed to genuinely enjoy our company and us taking the time to hang out with them. We had good conversations and wished we could have stayed there a little longer. Overall it was a good experience.

Soccer at Pringle

Some of the team plays soccer with the boys at Pringle Children Home

Today was another wonderful day. Our morning started off with a tour of the farm on CSI’s property. Some of us cleared out the goat pen while others dug a compost pile and cleared some brush. It was neat to see how much time and effort the farm workers put into their daily duties. They were all so knowledgable about everything and taught us a lot. After a yummy lunch of Juicy Patties, we headed into downtown Highgate for a quick shopping trip and then on to the infirmary. What an amazing but difficult experience that was. One thing several of us realized was that many of the residents of this “nursing home” have no family members or visitors at all. I feel we really blessed the people there this evening and they blessed us even more. I think we all came home with bigger hearts today.

Moving Goat Poop

Kaleena and Katie move goat droppings from the goat pen to the compost pile at the R.A.I.S.E. Jamaica Project

Visiting the Infirmary

Visiting the infimary in Port Maria – a difficult but rewarding experience

For our last night at the CSI mission house, we enjoyed sitting around a bonfire and shared how God has worked in each of our lives during this week in Jamaica. What a huge blessing to have been here with so many wonderful people. Our team really came together and accomplished so much in such a short time. God definitely blessed each and every one of us this week. We look forward to our last night in Jamaica tomorrow.

Closing bonfire

The group gathers around a bonfire at the mission house for a closing time of reflection

2 responses to “Jamaica – Two Houses Complete, Dedicated, and More!

  • Nancy Everly

    What a rewarding trip for your team and your Jamaican friends. We have enjoyed your messages and pictures. Thank you for taking the time to keep everyone informed. We will be praying for your safe return home.
    Nancy and Ward

  • Kim White

    So thrilled for your experience and trip for your team. Typing this as to Sean and Kaleena………Roxy is lying at my feet and Nala in the bedroom with Pops. Both are well but obviously miss their Mom and Dad. Roxy is especially “bummed”. Don’t fret Mimi and Pops are giving them extra LOVES!!! Come home safe and sound!! Love you all!!! What an amazing trip you all must have had. BLESSINGS!!

    Mom and Dad White

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