Travel Day and our First Full Day in Nicaragua

We serve a mighty, powerful and faithful God.

When we landed at noon in Managua on Saturday, it was exactly as expected – hot, humid and very friendly.  Despite a cancelled flight from Indy, God took care of us and we arrived safe and sound, with all 26 pieces of luggage intact.  We were met by Aaron, our translator, and Henry, one of the bus drivers we’re relying on this week; stopped at the local TipTop for lunch, and were unloading at La Quinta in no time.  After sorting out supplies, we hopped on the bus and traveled to Ciudad Sandino to see Wilbur’s church – our center of activity for the coming week.

We spent several hours Saturday evening preparing for the women’s seminar on creating Bible lessons for children that Barb Duncan was leading on Sunday.  Jake and  Buzz worked on their plan for the youth teaching session,  also planned for Sunday.  Cecil then led us in a short study/devotional to finish out a full day. 

Sunday morning started out with quiet time on the porch, an incredible buffet breakfast, and then a short study led by Cecil.  We left La Quinta about 8:15, drove to Ciudad Sandino and picked up approximately 100 teenagers to take them swimming.  The local pool had never seen quite a crowd like that come in at once!  The kids had an amazing time, and became very comfortable with our team.  It was a great time of fellowship and outreach.

All 100 kids came back to La Quinta for a pizza lunch, and a lesson taught by Jake and Buzz, learning to know the nature of God by learning all the names of God from the Bible.  Barb, Connie and I took off for Ciudad Sandino for Barb to deliver her seminar to approximately 30 women.  Again, two great times of connecting, teaching, and building relationships.

We finished the day back at La Quinta, with fellowship and study.

God is truly great, and is blessing us in so many ways this week.  We appreciate all the prayer support from home and hope to post more tomorrow evening.

7 responses to “Travel Day and our First Full Day in Nicaragua

  • Mary Waltz

    Wow, what a busy, full start to the week. The adrenalin must take care of any jet lag! Thank God for save travel and certainly for all he’s already doing in/for the entire group. Looking forward to as many posts/pictures as you have time to share!

  • Jay

    So glad to hear everyone arrived safely. Many blessings to all for the rest of the week!

  • Holly Catron

    We miss all of you and have many people praying for God’s mighty work in Nicaragua. I (for one) am glad Jim made the flight since my phone wasn’t charged and we didn’t get the msg. about the flight time change (lol). I can’t belive you have done so much in such a short time and I look fwd. to posts to come.

  • Debra Templin

    What a wonderful spiritual adventure. I pray God reveals Himself to you in an intimate way as He promises in Ephesians 3:18-19.

  • Jenny

    Praying for all of you! God is doing amazing work in Nicaragua! Thanks for your service.

  • Doug Biggerstaff

    Way to go, you all. Sounds like your teams are well appreciated. I’m sure you will be glowing with blessings when you come back home. God be with you as you teach his word.
    Doug Biggerstaff

  • David Cupp

    Hey guys, looks like you have another amazing week planned in Nicaragua!! Pass on my love and blessings to Ginny and Cecil, Aaron, Wilbur and his family, and everyone else that’s doing the work of God down in that beautiful country. Praying for you guys and that the Lord will use you to work wonders. With Love, David Cupp

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