Day 2 in Nicaragua

This is the most amazing country and culture, and I’m so grateful God has brought this team together for this week.  We’ve had some really good devotional discussions, and all of us are being challenged to look at the world a little differently this week.

We started our Monday morning with another great breakfast buffet, and a powerful study time led by Doug  Erghott, an NRN board member here to see his sponsor child graduate from college  He reminded us we are building bridges between cultures, and we had a challenging conversation about God’s economic justice, and what do we need to “have enough”.  Its a conversation we’ve had many times in small group settings at home, but having it again here, where we see the impact of massive economic injustice so clearly, is much more thought-provoking.

By 8:30 we were on the road to Ciudad Sandino for a very full workday.  Started out with digging a drainaage ditch (including removal of several LARGE tree stumps).  Moved from ditch digging to painting and managed, with the help of our Nicaraguan friends, to get 2 full coats of paint  completed.  And, while some painted, Andy led a crew to begin the electrical work of installing lights and ceiling fans.

In our experiences so far with the Nicaraguans, I have been amazed at the children.  Whenever we arrive, within minutes, we’ve attracted neighborhood kids who all want hugs and attention.  We keep our interpreter busy running from one group to another as we try to communicate.  The ability to take a break from work, sit down and have a child in your lap asking questions wiithin seconds is wonderful.  Its tough to describe, but they have the happiest, sweetest smiles and are some of the most loving kids I’ve ever met.

We ended the afternoon with a group prayer session over Pastor Wilber, his wife, Meritza, their 2 sons, and several young men from the church who spent the day with us.

The rest of our evening will be spent with dinner, some grocery shopping for our VBS day tomorrow, and another great study time together with several Nicaraguan college students who are sponsored through NRN.

Please continue to pray for open hearts, and our ability to show the meaning of God’s love in however He chooses to move us.

4 responses to “Day 2 in Nicaragua

  • Jenny

    Thanks so much for the pictures. Ben’s little boys (2 & 5 yrs old) love seeing daddy working and spending time in Nicaragua! Keep up the great work!

  • Doug Biggerstaff

    Kim, thanks for the blog updates. You guys rock! Somebody should take your picture, too 🙂 Have a great week!

  • Kyle Kincaid

    Thanks for the updates, Kim? and thank you for all you are doing there! The pictures are beautiful! Praying for you all each day…
    Enjoy your time and keep up the great work you are doing there!

  • Lee Altenburg

    I love the updates! Keep them coming. Kim, I think we do need someone to include you in the pictures too:) Have a great rest of the trip. Can’t wait to hear more stories when you are back.

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