“For His Name’s Sake…”

As we came together for our final team meeting before Friday afternoon’s departure, one common theme was shared amongst our team: “more of Him, less of us.”

In preparation to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in Bodeni, Nairobi, Pangani, Joska, and Maasai Mara, we remember that, “His sandals, I am not worthy to untie.” Last Sunday’s sermon on “Shoes” could not have been a more fitting theme for His mission and the team being sent. We are like flip-flops, not being sent out on promotion for ourselves, but for the sole promotion of the one who died to save us…from ourselves.

At least fifteen fifty-pound duffel bags were filled to the brim tonight with donations of crayons, pencils, markers, soccer balls, cleats, medical supplies, clothing, shoes, and sponsor gifts all going to help our brothers and sisters in Kenya. Next week,

our team will be providing a medical clinic, vacation bible school, and working on a project called “Bring the Light”  to those living in Bodeni. “Bring the Light” is a way to provide light in both the physical sense and the spiritual sense to those living in darkness by installing skylights in community member’s homes throughout the week.

We are excited to be serving one another alongside each other and are humbled to be a part of a serving body with you. Thank you for your thoughts, donations, and prayers throughout His mission as we go out to:

“…make much of the name of Jesus Christ.” John 3:30

5 responses to ““For His Name’s Sake…”

  • Vince Brooks

    I’m excited to follow how you are joining Him in His work in Kenya. Know that you and the MoHi staff will be lifted up every day.

  • Seth

    Great post. I look forward to meeting the whole team and following along on the mission.

    Safe travels and Godspeed!

  • Mary Timby

    I saw you in two of the p ictures. Know you will be blessed by this tr ip. Hope all the flights go well and on time. Will look forward to hearing about it. love, Aunt Mar y

  • Lynette Harker

    The Harkers are praying for your team and that our Lord will prepare hearts to receive His grace, mercy, and healing.

  • Maggie Smith

    Jesus, I pray this morning for a supernatural outpouring of YOU through Your people who have chosen to follow the call and faithfully serve in Kenya. I ask You to annoint each member of this team with an undeniable knowledge of You and Your purposes there. I pray for the imparting of Your gifts to them in amazing ways in this time. I pray that they would be the New Testament church to those in Kenya in ways that could only point to YOU . . . the One True God. Amen.

    Kenya team . . . we are praying for you and are so inspired by you! Mom (Barbara James) . . . I am wearing your mom’s ring and every time I look down and see it, I am covering you in prayer. Hope you can feel it!

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