“Welcome to Kenya”


After an exciting time at Heathrow’s airport, we boarded Kenya Airways after reenacting Home Alone’s McAllister family rushing through the airport… just to realize we still had an hour.
A misplaced boarding pass and a few almost left behind teammates later, we boarded for the 9 hour flight to Nairobi.
As we organized ourselves at baggage claim, we were greeted kindly with a big smile and a “Welcome to Kenya” exclamation. The man kindly greeted us with words of encouragement about his beautiful land, exotic animals and friendly people. Our rafikis (friends) at Missions of Hope International scooped up fifteen tired but happy looking teammates and have taken us to the Grace House where we will reside for most of the trip.
We are so happy to be here and are excited to share that the trees really do look like the ones from “The Lion King.”
Thank you for your prayers, we are so blessed to have a community and team members back home supporting His mission.
“Look elephants!” (points out window)
“Oh my gosh!!!” (loud exclamation)
…”they aren’t real…” (laughter)

2 responses to ““Welcome to Kenya”

  • Jim & Sally Muehlhausen

    Thank you for the blog, we are enjoying following your trip. Keep up the good work for the Kingdom!
    Jim & Sally Muehlhausen

  • dave and chris dugas

    You are in our prayers. Wonderful checking this blog everyday.
    Love and hugs to Graham and Jenny from Aunt Chris and Dave

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