Power Struggle

Many powers are at work in Bondeni, Kenya. As our team arrived at the “Outreach Hope Church” this morning, we were overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells of the slum community. One team member commented, “It is like 100,000 people living on top of a landfill.”

The impact of these sights and sounds on one’s heart and mind is powerful. We quickly appreciated the immense destitution and marginalization of the people here. Our bus was silent as we stepped off.

Immediately we were greeted by the bright smiles and playful laughter of the children. Seemingly oblivious to their surroundings they danced, fist-bumped, and sang their way into our hearts. We walked into Church together as a team of 20. It felt like walking into the eye of a hurricane – tranquility in the midst of storms. Powerful.

After a time of jubilant worship which moved some to the point of dancing, the pastor asked if anyone wished to pray for the church. A middle-aged mother stood assuredly. She asked for Jehovah Jireh, “Our Steadfast Provider” to bless the community. Her voice gained momentum. “Pray for our leaders Lord, that they would follow your commands and see your majesty in our faces. We pray for the sins we commit and the sins we don’t know we commit — we lay them at the feet of your Son Jesus.” Then, her voice began to crack and we saw, heard, and felt the power of a convicted follower of Jesus speak her heart, “And Father we recognize the evil forces of drunkeness, witchcraft, and evil that surround us and we command them to cease in the name of your son Jesus.” Our group of 20 was silenced again. Many spoke through their tears. In 2 minutes this lady had dealt a counterpunch to the evil forces at work in Bondeni that even I felt sitting in the second row. My heart stood up in awe of the power. I cheered for our Lord. The NFL has nothing on this!


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