Teaching Us How to Swim

Many first teach their children how to swim by throwing them into the deep end and letting them learn to paddle to the top on their own. The watchful parent stands above them, ready to rush to their rescue but also pushing them to success.  (One teammember who taught her sons this way responded to this with, “I’m raising men, not boys!”)

As Christians, our Father teaches us in this same manner by “throwing us into deep water”, pushing us out of that comfort level that we’ve set up camp in for so long. As Christians, we know where our hope is…where our treasure is stored. As Christians, we are… outcasts. We are not privy to a life of comfort and success.

One question asked by Pastor Wallace this morning during his inspiring sermon was, “Why are people so different?” As he continued to Praise God, the same question came up many times throughout his message. Why are we different? Why are some people born with wealth, health, and success while others are beautiful, wonderful creations of God and are born to a life of destitution and suffering?

Why do some people believe in our great Creator and Provider and others don’t? Where is the disconnect?

Psalm 73:28 “But as for me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Soverign Lord my refuge, I will tell of all your deeds.”


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