Unity= TPCC+Bondeni

Unity has made itself evident among the people of Missions of Hope International and Traders Point teams now in the present and in the past. The change and the seeds sown in the community of Bondeni and Pangani is evident as God continues to use teams from Traders Point and the teachers, interpreters, CHE members, nurses, and more to open their hearts and let the Holy Spirit guide their footsteps.

Today was our first day working in the Bondeni Primary School. Seeing the relationship between some of our teammembers and the teachers at the school and how they have already been growing and building has strengthened the mission of unity among the community.

God has taken this mission and has molded it into exactly what he has dreamt from the very beginning. What was once a trip to work with the children in VBS, the slum community doing Bring the Light, and more has turned into a holistic medical and spiritual mission for the community.

The amount of people on this team that God has prepared to be on this trip just don’t HAPPEN to be nurses, doctors, ministers, and passionate people. They actually HAPPEN to be people that God is using as His hands and feet to heal the suffering, the sick, and the poor both medically and spiritually in the slums of Bondeni. Without procedure, without any idea what we were getting ourselves into, a medical clinic was prepared in the school to see children and their parents in the form of triage, wound care, eye and vision care, vital care, pharmacy, and prayer. Over two hundred children, parents, and community members were nursed to a point of healing through God’s vision.

After people were seen by the doctors, they were sent to the prayer room in which we would share about Jesus and pray with them, over them, and for any special requests they may have had. Ten children and community members accepted Jesus into their hearts today.

To God be the Glory.

Our team members Patson and Steve will be heading back to Zambia tomorrow morning. Our time spent with them is invaluable for each of us and is a continuance of relationships that have been sown together over the past years. Here are a few words of encouragement from Patson:

“I see your heart, the heart you have for the work of God and for Africa. It is overwhelming to me and difficult to find a way to say thank you. I believe God understands your hearts and is going to thank you. Thank you very much Traders Point, you are a change. It is very difficult and makes it very difficult for us to forget about you. You are very flexible, very welcoming, and very generous. Because of that, God will bless you more than what you see. I’m very thankful that you have brought me here, I have learned a lot. When I go to Zambia, I am not going to sit down, I have learned a lot and there will be some things in which I will make adjustments.”

Praise to be God.

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