Now Serving: Day 3 Continued…

Day 3 and serving up the people of Kenya with a HIGHLY compassionate team of doctors, nurses, Ministers, and just lots of people with hearts for God. Our team was able to treat over 200 people in the Bondeni slum area and guess what we are serving up more tomorrow! Bodies were healed, prayers were prayed, souls found Jesus, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else but here with my Traders Point Family on this journey of HOPE. It isn’t hope for us, it is hope for the people of Bondeni. It is hope for the children in this place to put faith in God and have a chance at a better life not only in Jesus but also out of the slum.

Wallace and Mary of Missions of Hope have given this to the children. What started out as a school for 50 children has grown into an amazing organization with 5,000 children now able to attend school, learn about God, and have a chance to make a life. I cannot believe the ease at which the clinic came together today. We truly were working to a common goal, more of Jesus, less of us. We were excited and ready to help. Of course our doctors and nurses were AWESOME, three non pharmacists became pill counters today, 2 boys showed their love by escorting patients to the prayer room and also working the evangi-cube with the children, EXPERIENCED kids ministers, and non-experienced compassionate people all lent a hand for the people.

How it worked:

1. The people were sent to triage first to get vital signs and see what is ailing them.

2. The patient was then sent to either a nurse or a doctor dependent on how severe the ailment was.

3. Prescriptions were dropped off at the pharmacy.

4. They were then led to prayer in the prayer room

5. After prayer they were sent back down to get their medicine and then they were free to leave.

Looking at this all now, with no rehearsal, no preparation, most with non medical backgrounds, EVERYONE worked together. Questions were asked, answers were given, and the smiles on all these peoples faces were and are priceless. We not only had our doctors and nurses, but we also had nurses from Kenya, Missions of Hope, and Translators form FAME.

I think everyone has a story that they would say was their favorite, but today lead my emotions to the ceiling. I will tell you a little about Jana and how she took my heart today.

Jana is 9, we found out her mother died 1-2 months ago and is now being raised by her father. She came to us today very quite and complaining of a headache. Mommy instincts kick in and I felt her head and back of her neck and she was burning up. From triage to prayer room no more than 30 or 40 minutes. She was sent back down stairs and we were able to find out fever was almost 103. She was shaking, falling asleep in the chair and complaining of pain in her throat and head, doctors felt it was possibly Malaria and proceeded to figure out the next steps with the school, doctors, and nurses.

If it would have been Ben, my 9 year old, I know we would have been on my cell phone headed for the hospital. They couldn’t call the dad, they had to go get him. While that was happening the little girl sat on my lap and clung to me like she was my own. She was very relieved when daddy came in and spoke briefly with the doctors and teachers and then took her to the hospital. We were updated on her today, she is much better and it wasn’t malaria.

The staff from Bondeni and the team members from Traders point have really come together to serve and it is a beutiful sight. An update, we have probably seen close to 500 or more people in the past 2 days at the clinic. Please pray that the doctors and nurses continue with the wisdom to help heal the people physically and the rest of the staff have the encouragement to pray with the people and enrich their lives with God.

More of him, less of me.


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