What A Day

After meeting the sponsored children in Bondeni, the realization that more children need the hope and love from people like us hit hard. Seeing their faces light up not only because gifts were given but because love was shown to them was amazing and seeing the impact the children had on our team members was even greater. Our love can be shared through simple communication with a child to give them hope for a future. Their aspirations of being doctors, mathmaticians, policemen, and etc is powerful. Looking around, even they realize they can be empowered to make a difference. Not only can they be empowered through sponsors but they can be empowered through healing.
Today, the clinic saw over 230 something people with malaria, tuberculosis, rare skin diseases, worms, HIV, and more…some without the hope and light of Jesus Christ.
It is amazing how God works for the glory of His Son in everything. These people, some who have never seen a doctor, are wonderfully beautiful. They are hard working, loving, and looking for hope and strength to live the life they were given and take care of their families. Many children have lost their parents to sickness, drunkenness, and some to parents that walked away. These kids are hungry, not only for food but for the living and sustaining water of the Holy Spirit. These people are exposed to so many things on the streets here in Bondeni. They are looking for healing and find it in the wrong places.
Our repeated phrase is that while doctors treat, our Father heals. While the team continues to show the love of God by being the hands and feet of Christ Jesus, pray for us that we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to the Spirit…to move freely within us.


Pray for u that we do not grow weary physically, spiritually, or emotionally as we continue to serve our brothers and sisters here in this part of the world.
As we prepare to touch the hearts, minds, and bodies of our friends, we ask that you pray for seeds to be sown.
Each one of you is a vital part of this team and God has been preparing your hearts as well as ours to share in our experiences here in Kenya.
Jambo family!


One response to “What A Day

  • Jenne Carlos

    I am cryng reading this last blog from Krista. You are all most certainly in our prayers every day! I know that your are being guided by the Holy Spirit and God is working through you all to make this cruel world a better place in treating these deserving human beings. Please know that you are all loved and appreciated by us and the Lord. God Bless You!

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