Unity Through Healing

Today marks the commencement of our time in Bondeni. For four days, God placed this medical mission before us to complete and to complete well.
Tonight, Jim asked the question, “What could we have done differently in terms of ministry?”
Honestly, this mission was never ours to be able to begin to answer that question. God has been molding and shaping this trip with each step of the way. We can be prepared to work as hard as we can individually and as a unified team, but the mission is His and he led us to serve Him by being the hands and feet of Christ.
To answer that question would be trying to place ourselves in control of something we don’t have the capacity to even fathom.
As God unfolded the last four days before us, we worked as just one unified team: Bondeni and Traders Point Christian Church.

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!”
Psalm 133

877 people were treated by the doctors and nurses of this unified team and 877 people were lifted up in prayer individually. It is through the smiles of each person there, the laughter, the care, and the love shown that brought 17 people to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
It is through Missions of Hope and Pastor Steven that these people will continue to be lifted up in prayer and brought into the community to grow deeper in their faith and continue to develop an understanding of who Jesus is to them.
“You never find this care in any hospital in Kenya.”
After a full morning, a celebration was held in Kenya time, to celebrate the unity and the glory that was brought to God this week with cake, speeches, entertainment, prayer and much dancing.
We will forever be praying that God will sustain our family in this part of the world and to continue them on His mission that we were blessed to take a small part in.

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