Joska Adventure

After an awe-inspiring and uplifting week at the school in Bondeni, the team was treated to a wonderful day at the school in Joska which is where the children from the Bondeni school will go once they have fulfilled all their academic requirements.  Getting to the school in Joska turned out to be quite an adventure!  The school is about a two hour ride from our hotel in Nairobi, much of it through the Kenyan countryside.  We saw giant storks atop some trees on the edge of the city.  We saw a donkey pulling a cart without any direction from a human being.  We saw smiling faces all along the way.  But what truly added to the sense of adventure was being in a bus on deeply rutted dirt roads!  It may be the most exciting way to see Kenya!

We witnessed God’s hand guiding and directing us all week at Bondeni.  Today we were able to see why helping these children is so important.  God is using the Joska school to transform elementary level students into middle school students, many of whom seem more like young adults.  The children at Joska are poised and polished.  They have a self-assured yet humble self confidence.  And WOW do they have talent and huge hearts for Jesus!  We were treated to an amazing praise and worship service that was lead by the children.  I think the entire team was simply awestruck! Our own Pastor Darren provided a wonderful message about how “through God all things are possible” and the children loved it.

We were treated to a lunch that was fit for royalty and then we each were invited to a class room where we spent time with the students.  They were able to tell us about themselves and ask us questions about our lives.  These children, like the ones at the Bondeni school, are so polite and respectful.  Each of us had a very unique classroom experience, but the common theme was that God is molding these children into powerful witnesses for His Kingdom.  His will is so very apparent at the school in Joska!  If we didn’t already know where these children had come from, we would never guess that they had come from such poverty.  They are bright, inquisitive and ambitious.  With God’s help they will go far.  And, there is at least one team of individuals from Indianapolis, Indiana who are forever changed from being a small part of a beautiful bigger picture.  We look forward to the day when these students are able to attend college and become doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, pilots and maybe even news anchors!

Much progress has been made and continues to be made on the construction of a large multi-purpose center and a medical clinic.  The campus will also soon be expanding with the purchase of 38 additional acres for the construction of a new dormitory for the boys and a high school.  With the addition of a high school, the children will be able to experience much more continuity in their education than they are currently able to.  Even more important, the education they receive through completion of high school will be gospel driven.   A bright future awaits the children of the Bondeni and Pengani schools!

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