November trip Day 1 Visit Pastor Wilbur

Our day started with the Hurtubise family delivering sponsor gifts to the kids at Belser TAV School.  It was special that they got to visit their own sponsored child.  Alec and their sponsored child shared songs in their native languages.  The team assembled care packages that will be delivered early next week.  We appreciate all the items that were gathered to support this mission!  Later in day we visit Sandino City that is Pastor Wilbur church.  It was a church which TPCC sponsored. It was moving to see the how Christ is working in their lives.

Since the services was in spanish we understood little, but we could tell by the joy in their voices that this was a place of God.  The team was invited to participate in the service.  Two of the kids Mickey and Peter did an awesome dance routine.   Alec lead the church in a worship song in Spanish!  All our kids and parents concluded the service with a dance routine, and then proceeded to interact with the people at the service.  Seeing Levi, Justin, Alec, Peter and Mickey interact with the other children was priceless!

Fun team laughter, the Reid’s over slept for the evening siesta, and was greet with a standing ovation from a  packed bus.  Yes I was quiet embarrassed and wondered why it took the team 30 minutes to realize we missing!  Later all was forgotten about that embarrassed when one of our dancers Lisa stepped on her skit and “mooned” the Pastor that was on stage.

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