November trip Day 2 Play Day!

Melissa started our day with a  chapter from a travel devotional Experience.   It was a chapter titled All for the Glory.  What a fitting reminder to give our best on this mission trip.

Today was our play date.  Team has been working hard to prepare for the next weeks mission opportunities, so today was nice just to relax.   We started the day going to Masaya to visit a national park.  There we climbed 125 steps to the brim of  a volcano.    It was awesome to get pictures of the entire team standing at the foot of a Cross. Yes, even our energetic Grandma on trip, Mrs. Linda climbed all those steps!   Its amazing seeing the rock formations of God’s nature creation.  Later that day, we  went to Mercado Viejo open market.  Thanks to our translator friends, including our very own Dora we were able the bargain some great deals.

A fun laughter was one of our team members had a little problem distinguishing  the men and ladies signs at the restroom.  Needless to say Melissa got a back side view that she is still  having trouble erasing.

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