Nov 2011 Day 4 – Talent Show

Our day started with a talent show at the beautiful facility Viva la Esperanza.  It was truly a celebration of the many gifts from God.  There were lots of dancing, singing and acting.  The team was impressed by how detailed the props and costumes were made and the time the teachers gave in making this an enjoyable experience for all.  A speaker summed it best by saying the children lived out the scripture verse Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.    Mickey looked pretty in her Spanish attire as she danced with a Nicaraguan friend, and then later followed with a sterling dance routine with Levi.  Alec was awesome again with his singing.  Peter did a nice duet with our friend Aaron, and Melissa, Dora, Aaron, and Alec joined for a group song.  We closed our part of the talent show with a group dance.  It was very cool that our interpreters, Tony and Aaron, our driver Henry, and even Pastor Oscar joined us!  The kids from the two schools were awesome as well.  It was truly a celebration of God’s Greatness!  Jill received a beautiful plaque and a painting from a student for her dedication to the school.  A well-deserved honor for a special person with an Agape heart for the special needs.!

Later we invited friends from the school to buddy with our kids at a movie outing.  We went to see Dolphins Tails.  Surprising we understood most of the movie even though it was in Spanish.  One thing that does translate well is popcorn and soda at the movie!   We then capped the evening with some tasty ice cream.  Later we played Apples to Apples game and had plenty of laughter.  Tony came out the winner!  PS. Nice thing about being the blogger, you get to brag!!

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