Nov 2011 Day 6 – Humbled

Today we were able to visit the second school Joshua 1:8.   The team enjoyed making crafts and participating in games.  We visited with the families and gave them care packages.  In the evening we visit 10 homes of the special needs families and brought them food and household items.  Jenny, Linda, and Mickey were able to spend time with their sponsored child’s family.   Our team ran into a challenge when the van got stuck from the very muddy road.  The bus pulled out the van but not before Aaron took a header in the mud.  Though all of this would have made excellent theater of missionary work in action, Aaron and Tony are big guys so we thought better of taking pictures.  The families we visit had joy even through difficult times; it was very evident in the faith and love for Christ.  We were blessed to be able to pray over their families.   Tomorrow we take an early flight back to Indy, but I am sure a piece of our hearts will be left with our new friends in Nicaragua.  An unforgettable trip!!

An Interview With Mickey About Her Visit with Raul

Mom: Whose house did you go to today?

Mickey Joy: Raul, my little Nica brother.

Mom: What did his house look like?

MJ: It’s really different from my house because they have paper thin walls to separate the bedrooms. They also have dirt floors. They have pets in their house – el perro (dog) and pollo (chickens) inside.

Mom: Did you give gifts to Raul and his family?

MJ: I gave Raul’s aunt a picture of my mom and Raul when they saw each other in June. We gave Raul a backpack of Cars goodies. He liked the white board the best.

Mom: What did you do with Raul and friends while we were waiting for the bus?

MJ: We played futbal (American soccer) in the front yard. We had races.

Mom: What will you remember about going to Raul’s house?

MJ: I will remember him looking at me and blowing me kisses when the bus pulled away.

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