Kenya Team February 2012 – Day 1

Our first day started off without a hitch…  Except that United did not have our tickets when we arrived at the airport in Indianapolis.  Thanks to Renee at United Airlines for not stopping until we were ticketed and ready to go.  And also thanks to our teammate Cheri D. (who works for United) for jumping behind the counter at the airport to toss our bags on the belt.  With only 20 minutes to go, and a security line that was 18 minutes, we bolted through the Indianapolis International Airport at top speed to make it on board our flight with literally no time to spare!  Despite all of that, all the bags checked in Indy ended up in Nairobi on schedule!

This is a mission trip, after all, and God has definitely been present thus far.  Even upon arrival in Nairobi, we were waived through customs with hardly any questions or bags full of medications being checked.

Most of us are pretty tired, (except for Kim, who learned that Ambien really does work!) and so we’re going to get some rest so we can be up bright and early in the morning.  Tomorrow we will be worshipping in Joska, and praising the Lord for the work He has prepared us to do here.

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