Kenya February 2012 – Day 2

Our adventure continues…  Today started very early for some because our body time clocks have not yet adjusted to Kenya time.  We enjoyed a great breakfast at the Grace House Buffett before boarding the bus to head for Joska.  We had a bit of a bumpy ride to Joska, not because anything bad happened, but because the roads are just bumpy!

We arrived at Joska to find the children packed in the church, praising God, and freely worshiping.  It was very humbling for us as a group, as we were given seats upfront, while the children sat two to a seat for over two hours, but were still happy to be there worshiping God.  We can really learn a lot.  At the end of the service, the TPCC team was invited to come to the front of the church to dance with some of the children.  We’re sure it was highly entertaining for the audience!

After lunch, we had an opportunity to visit classrooms at the Joska school and take a tour of the school campus.  It was encouraging to see work being done on a new health clinic that will not only service the school, but even the community around the school.  The school is also continuing work on becoming more economically sound by harvesting tomatoes, zucchini, eggs, chickens, fish and pigs.  All in all, the visit to Joska was well worth the drive to see the work that God is doing there.

For some of us, our final adventure was a visit to the Sunday market, which is setup in the parking lot of a shopping center nearby.  Bartering your price was new for some of us, and we learned that you never should point to anything unless you have an intention to buy.  Many of us found it difficult to walk the line between being polite and just ignoring those who are trying to sell us their wares whether we want them or not!

Leaving Joska today, many of us felt we saw hope.  We’re excited to see what God has in store for the rest of the week!

4 responses to “Kenya February 2012 – Day 2


    Dear Kenya Team,
    It is so great to read your posts every day! What an exciting time for you. Keep the news coming and please know that you are in my prayers every day!


    Dear Kenya Team, I am enjoying each post and I am with you there in my heart. I hope you got some good buys at the market. It is an interesting place. You are all in my prayers as you work in Bondeni and Eldoret.

  • Graham

    Kenya Team — So thankful for you all and to see what God is doing over there. Keep the awesome posts coming!

  • Denise Hall

    Dear Kenya Team – It is wonderful to read the posts and read from your perspective what God is doing there! We are praying and are excited to praise Him in advance for what He will do through all of you….blessings…and keep the posts heading our way!

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