Panama Trip: Meet the Team

Olivia Byely is a Senior at Trader’s Point Christian Academy High School.   We conducted a brief interview with her to chat about why she chose to go on this mission trip and her experience thus far.

* Why did you decide to go on this trip?

– “I love and know the Julians and am friends with Lindsay (Davis).  I heard about the medical clinic and am interested in pursuing nursing when I graduate from high school.”

* How is this trip working with your school schedule?
– “I go to a Christian school, and my Principal was ok with it. The Christian aspect fits in with our school mission.”

Has God “stretched you” so far during this trip?
– “A lot.  This was going out on a limb.  I’ve never done anything like this.  Knowing that I’m one of the main Spanish speakers in the group adds pressure.  I felt overwhelmed at first while working in the medical clinic on Sunday.  I really felt like I was helping and it was glorifying to God.

What do you hope to accomplish this trip?
– “A deeper connection with God and to strengthen my Spanish skills.  I am interested in travel with a nursing degree and want to see what that is like in another country.”

What do you think so far?
– “It’s different from anything I’ve ever done.  I fell more of God’s presence.  There is less distraction that other trips because of fewer family and friends.  I love the unity on our team.”



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