Nicaragua Feb 2012, Day 3 – First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for the special needs students.  The students at Rey Solomon started the day with blood tests.  They were sure glad when that part was over!  The doctor that works with the kids loves them and is always looking out for them.  Prayer is a major part of what she does.  She and her assistants are great women a faith.  They are such blessings.

While the doctor and her assistants were working with the kids, we distracted those waiting in line with paper, markers, and stickers.  After they were done with the blood work we handed out cookies and juice.  We also handed out the valentines that people in the United States worker on making and signing.  They were excited to go through the bags and look at all the goodies.

After lunch most of the team got to see the special needs class in action.  They started out playing an ice breaker game called, the talking pen.  The students stood up and introduced themselves.  There was also some dancing involved.  The students finished out the afternoon coloring valentines to send back to the US.

It was great to see the kids and their families today.  We got to interact with a lot of great people.  They have such strong faith.  We can’t wait to see what is next.

One response to “Nicaragua Feb 2012, Day 3 – First Day of School

  • Kay Williams

    Jennie S. glad to hear everything is going smoothly. Bless all of you for your work. Enjoy the kids (it is Wednesday already). How is the Spanish going?

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