Panama Trip: Day 4

Tuesday was a long, work-filled day of labor and a few sunburns, but ended with a fun evening of socializing and games among the team.  Today is a national holiday in Panama known as Carnival.  It is celebrated in predominately Catholic nations all over Latin and South America, and in our own country is most associated with Mardi Gras held in New Orleans.

Today was a day of completing some of the work began yesterday.  Several of the men completed clearing wood and brush off the property.  The project of pouring gravel and filling dirt in a drainage system was completed, and several coats of paint were applied to the top part of the front of the church sanctuary after the sealer/primer dried overnight.  The finished product is beautiful.  The congregation is sure to be pleased with the brighter interior of their sanctuary this coming Sunday.

New jobs included hauling thirty heavy concrete posts to another part of the property to clear room for new construction.  At the start of the day, this figured to be a breeze.  However, when the weight of the thick concrete base of the first post blew out the tires on the wagon hooked to a Gator, the task became much more time (and muscle) consuming, as the posts had to be strapped to a dolly and moved one by one.

Some of the youth continued with organizing medical supplies in the clinic, and Olivia continued to hone her Spanish skills working with patients and assisting with eye exams.  A heavy tangled thick metal coil was untangled, straightened, and rolled up.  Once the paint job was completed in the church, the building housing the kitchen was pressure washed and primed, plus some vegetation was cleared away to prepare for painting.  All in all, the all fourteen of us definitely put in a hard day’s work for the Lord.

After a delicious supper, we had fun time playing food games with marshmallows and crackers, then enjoyed a “whodunit” mystery game facilitated by our hosts Alan and Debbie.  There was no shortage of laughter and smiles.  When darkness fell, we said goodbye for the day and dispersed to our housing sites to rest up for another day of service.  Until tomorrow, take care, and know that our work is making a difference here.

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