Panama Trip: Meet the Team

While most of our team members are TPCC members and live in Central Indiana, we also have a few hailing from other locales.  Noel Keyes and his son Joseph are joining us from Melbourne, FL.  On the bus ride from the airport in David to our destination of Boquete, Noel taught us the finer points of gator hunting.  One can learn a lot of interesting things on a mission trip.  We asked Noel a few questions about how somebody from the Sunshine State wound up on a mission trip with a bunch of Hoosiers.

* How did you wind up joining us on this trip?
-“I have talked with (team leader) Ken about this for years.  We are in the coffee business together.  We have faith and coffee in common, though coffee isn’t the main motivation.  I went on a mission trip to Mexico when I was 15, and it was life-changing.  Plus, this is an opportunity to spend time with my son, who is 14.  I thought it was a good time in his life to be exposed to this.”

* What is your connection to Trader’s Point Christian Church?
– “Ken.  I’ve been to Indy a few times, once spending a week and attended your church.  I really liked it.”

* Many people return from mission trips with a certain feeling of conviction that we have so much and the people in other lands have so little.  Have you had any of those types of feelings so far?
– “I don’t feel burdened.  This is a huge privilege.  I do feel convicted that I need to be doing more since I’ve been here.  I came because I wanted to physically do something for the Lord.”

* What do you hope to accomplish on this trip?
– “I hope to just be a help and do what I can, and really hope to have some quality bonding time with my son to help him become a good, godly man.”

* What do you think of your experience so far?
– “It’s been fantastic!  When the natives see us smile and wave at them, I’m sure it’s impactful.  We may not see immediate results, and may never know about it, but God can do great things.”

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