Kenya Team Feb 2012 – Thank Heavens for #2 (Day 5)

Today was the second day for the clinic at the Upper Bondeni school.  After an…  adventurous… ride to the Pangani center to drop off Cheri, Michelle and Jeanine to work with the women on beading, we made our way to Upper Bondeni to get started.

For those who aren’t familiar with the clinic process, patients are first sent to the triage area where they are weighed, their height is measured, their temperature is taken, and if they are adults, their blood pressure is taken.  It is also in triage where we attempt to determine what the chief complaint is – or what issue is bothering them the most.

After triage, the patients are sent to meet with a doctor or nurse to determine what treatment is required to help with their particular issue.  They are then prescribed medication and sent to the pharmacy.  While their prescription is being filled, the patients are sent to the prayer room where members of the team, accompanied by a couple of local pastors, pray over the patients and talk to them about Christ.  They then pick up their prescription and are on their way.

As expected, the clinic was much busier today than yesterday.  Yesterday, we were able to see 129 patients, while today that number increased to 215!  We still have a half day of the clinic left tomorrow, and we are hoping to be able to assist many more during that time.

It seems as though most of the excitement of the day actually took place in the prayer room.  During the morning shift, one of our teammates, Mark F., was assigned there for the first time.  The second person he met to pray with wanted to learn more about Jesus and accept him into her heart.  As Mark began to pray with her, she suddenly lost consciousness, became very rigid, and then went limp.  After a brief moment of trying to figure out what just happened, everyone in the prayer room started calling for a doctor.  Meghan and one of the local nurses responded, quickly revived her and gave her some water to help her stay hydrated.  During all of this, we learned that she had been involved in praying to some other gods and that she thought she was being attacked by demons.  After she was revived, she decided she wanted to stay in the prayer room and finish what she had started.  The two pastors took over and prayed over her and lead her to accept Christ!  Our God is an awesome God, indeed!  (Incidently, when asked how he felt about what happened, Mark responded that he was glad it was the second person he saw and not the first, otherwise he may have been a bit discouraged!)

This is just one example of the many great things that are happening during our time in Bondeni, and the team is also enjoying some great fellowship time together as well.  Tonight, we had dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant.  For those who have never dined at an authentic Ethiopian restaurant, the meal consists of large trays that contain various items, including beef, vegetables, and beans of several varieties.  Each person is given a rolled up piece of a special sourdough bread wrap that they tear apart and use to pick items from the tray to eat.  It is certainly a unique experience both in the flavors of the food and the method of eating.

Our team from Eldoret has returned this evening, and our whole team is once again together in Nairobi.  Tomorrow will be an exciting day as we finish up the clinic and get an opportunity to meet with some of our sponsored children.  It seems like each day gets even more exciting than the previous, and we continue to look forward to what God has in store for our remaining time here.

One response to “Kenya Team Feb 2012 – Thank Heavens for #2 (Day 5)

  • DebbieMerced

    Praise God for the work are you doing in Kenya! I made a blanket this weekends for Marion Wanja, age 15. Marion is at Graceworks in Nairobi, Kenya!

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