Panama Trip Day 5

Another breezy night in the mountains.  Another cool morning leading into another perfect day of weather for working.  Our team continued to whittle down items on the “to-do” list for our time here.  The group has bonded together wonderfully and has become like one big family

Today we continued working on preparing the cafeteria building for painting by completing the job of washing the exterior and priming areas that needed primer.  The children will have a safer area to play in as the small fortress on the playground was vastly improved.  Several team members went to a lower area of the property to haul sand and stone for mixing concrete, and others cut boards using the electric saw.  At the end of the day, the play fort had a new, smooth concrete floor, and several boards on the climbing area were replaced, plus the structure was reinforced.  As one team member said, an earthquake could hit and it would still be standing.

A number of the younger members spent a good portion of the day continuing to organize and label medicines for the medical clinic.  Team leader Ken and Noel repaired/assembled/gerry-rigged exercise equipment for the Mission, and other various tasks were completed during the workday.  The day ended a little earlier than usual because we needed to clean up to get ready for a dinner prepared by Mario and Linda Mendoza

Mario is an American dentist who moved to Panama a few years ago, and runs the dental clinic at the Mission.  Mario’s beautiful home is situated on a long, curvy gravel road with lots of privacy.  Between the chicken crepes and homemade baklava, it was a feast to remember.  Linda’s fruity punch drink was like drinking ambrosia.  Mmm.  It felt like a great reward for all the hard work we’ve put in the past five days.

Tomorrow is an early day as we will get picked up at 6am to drive to the Comarca (Panamanian version of an Indian Reservation) to visit the Ngobe Buglé people.  We’ve heard about the harsh living conditions there and will experience first hand what their living conditions are like.  Take care everybody reading this back home, and keep praying for us to finish the trip well.

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