Nicaragua Feb 2012, Day 7 – Last Day at the Schools

Today was our last day at the schools. It was the last day to see
the kids and teachers. Some of the team went to Rey Solomon to meet
with teachers and finish up evaluations. Some of the team went to TAV
to update sponsor information and hand out gifts from sponsors.
We got to take our sponsor kids to either Pizza Hut or McDonald’s for
lunch. Most of these kids had never been to a restaurant. It was fun
to play with the kids in the play place and watch them interact with
each other. They had a blast climbing and racing down the slides.
When we got back from lunch the kids waited to be picked up from
school. They played soccer for a bit then went to the vocational room
to cool down with some water. They sat there and quietly talked to
each other and colored while we were finishing a feeding/swallowing
evaluation. They felt comfortable just sitting in the room with us.
It was a great day. It was a little tough to say goodbye to the
teachers and kids, but we are all hoping to go back. It was fun to
see our sponsor kids coming out of their shells and interact with
us and with each other. The teachers and kids have such a strong
faith. They are amazing prayer warriors.

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