Zambia March departure

All the bags were packed and checked, we boarded the plane with excitement and anticipation. We taxied to the runway, the pilot spooled up the engines, and we prepared ourselves to be jettisoned into the air. The Ferrari-like acceleration never happened, we knew we were in trouble when we looked out the window and saw the soap box derby car overtake us. Engine failure on takeoff, flight cancelled.
Thank you Lord for the safety of a cancelled flight, but there are no flights available until Sunday. We are so disappointed but are fully convinced that God is in control. Lord, have your way with us and this trip.

3 responses to “Zambia March departure

  • Bryce Eaton

    Hey guys, you should be in the air right now… Hopefully! I’ll be praying for you. Let everyone in the village know that I miss them and think about them every day. Have a safe trip!

  • Brian Melvin

    Hey guys! Sorry to hear about the flight. You guys are well on your way (and probably have already watched “The Grace Card”). We are praying hard for the trip and your mission. Like Bryce said tell everyone hello. Look forward to reading more updates.

  • Bob Smith

    Praying for you both as well as the team! Hope,this flight was successful.

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