Zambia 2012 Day 1

Greetings from Zambia! After an exciting and eventful start to the trip, we finally left Indianapolis on Sunday afternoon, and arrived in Lusaka, Zambia Monday night. We even got bumped up to first class on our final leg from Johannesburg to Lusaka. Vince was so excited by his first-class dinner that he did a photo shoot before devouring it! Look for it in the upcoming release of Gourmet Digest.

It was like a family reunion this morning, reuniting with Patson and Patricia Sakala and their family. They are doing well, Patricia having recovered from Malaria in December. The building that we finished last June looks great. They have maintained it well, and even improved on it since we last saw it. It now is host to 95 students and still growing. We are amazed at the strength of the connections we made last June, when we saw how many of the children and adults remembered us and welcomed us back.

Having lost two days because of the flight delays, we jumped right into the first day of the CHE vision seminar. Tina and Linda led the seminar of 25 attendees. Patson and Patricia graciously hosted, and provided breakfast and lunch for everyone. The information was well received, with enthusiastic participation by all. We expect to see everyone back tomorrow. We were able to have supper tonight with Patson and Patricia, and also Megan and Bwalya (both of Arise Africa, a co-supporter of Patson and Patricia). It was a rich time of fellowship, and also an opportunity to hear the strategic visions of each. It is so exciting to see how God has given each of us this opportunity to serve Him and raise the name of Jesus in this community!

7 responses to “Zambia 2012 Day 1

  • Patty Blakley

    Great to see the picture of all you finally there.
    We actually are wearing short sleeves here today in Indiana as it is 72 degrees and beautiful.
    Praying for you each day! May God bless all of you as you share Christ’s love with the people in Zambia.
    Jim and Patty Blakley

  • Ron McCann

    Hey, I remember the yellow room you guys are sitting in – I helped paint it. I’m glad everyone made it there safely and that all is going well. The evil one tried to thwart God’s plan by tampering with the plane’s engine, but God said, “oh no you don’t! My people hear my voice and they keep my statutes, and my words are final, thus sayeth the Lord!”

    Please tell Patson, his family, and Amos I said hi. The Lord is with you,


  • Bryce Eaton

    Wow, that room looks awesome!! Great job on the floor!!! Wish I was there!

  • Brian Melvin

    I was thinking the same thing as Bryce. Floor looks great. We are praying for you and your mission.

  • Kym Stanley

    So glad everyone made it safely. The room looks awesome…..can’t believe the floor! Tell everyone hi! Praying for you!

    Love, kym and dakota

  • Bob Smith

    Glad you are starting the work. Praying for your strength and energy!

  • Linda Hinkle

    I am so happy to hear that you made it there and have renewed connections. I hope the seminar continues to go well today. My prayers are with you all!

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