Wednesday In Zambia

On Wednesday morning we awoke to another beautiful Zambian morning, had quiet time, breakfast and began the foot journey we have come to love through the dirt pathways and streets of NG’ombe. Upon arrival we were, once again, warmly greeted by some Zambian children that were not in school and spent some time teaching them how to play Frisbee. School  let out for a morning break and the calm Frisbee tossing turned into an extremely physical contest that more closely resembled Rugby. Whenever the Frisbee hit the ground children’s bodies dove on top of it as other small bodies came running, others would fly through the air and land on top of the pile. At least half of them were little girls. It was a miracle nobody was hurt but these are tough kids.
We started day 2 of CHE training with encouragement when Francis showed up. Francis could not stay on Tuesday as his mother was ill and he needed to leave to attend her. A small group of us prayed for his mother and he reported that “she was cured.” We had another full class for the CHE training with a few of yesterday’s more quiet attendees warming up and participating nicely.
Toward the end of today’s training, we were joined by Lovemore Zulu, a Zambian born CHE trainer, who shared with the attendees the various towns in Zambia where some CHE projects were already up and running. He offered to be the liaison that would help the pastors organize CHE training within their communities if they so desired. We were encouraged when the pastors, who represented 8 or 9 local churches, agreed to identify 3-4 people within each of their church bodies to be trained in CHE. They committed to have this done and meet again with Lovemore on Saturday, March 24th at 14:00 hrs (8:00am Indianapolis time) to discuss and strategically plan the next step which is to begin 30 hours of train- the-trainer sessions. Please keep the date and time in your prayers as God continues to move Christian leaders in the community.
Brenda commented on how she was moved to tears as she reflected on how God orchestrated Aaron’s meeting Patson 4-5 years ago, Aaron’s email to Patson as we began the study in James last year and now the second TPCC trip to Lusaka. God is being glorified as Christian leaders are being empowered to take ownership of the physical and spiritual future of their community. They will be able to introduce people in the community to the Word of God while educating them in disease prevention, economic opportunities and identify other avenues to take active ownership of community development. This multiplication that has already started will continue to expand as CHE takes hold in this community, and doors are opened to share the Gospel with more and more people. Jay, Vince, Patson, Amos and I finished our day at the church/school “dirt surfing.”
Tomorrow, Brenda, Linda, Tina and Stephanie will hold a Women’s Bible Study as Jay, Vince and I mix and pour a concrete walkway and patio area.

3 responses to “Wednesday In Zambia

  • Michael Schaumberg

    So glad to see you all made it safely and are starting to get into the mix of things. It appears as though your efforts have taken root and are thriving! Mom, we miss you and are proud of the work you’re doing. Dad, we know you’ve always wanted to be associated with something hip and cool like surfing, but I don’t think “dirt surfing” counts; now quit playing around and get back to work. Regardless, we love you both.

    And now for the remainder of your trip, we pray for strength, good weather, receptive ears, and a safe trip home. Have fun and God bless!

    -Caitlin and Michael Schaumberg

  • Johnathan Schaumberg

    I agree with my older brother, we are so proud of you guys. It is so encouraging to hear the details of a trip as it happens, the walk through the village, kids odd ability to feel no pain, and God’s rewards to those who actively pursue Him and His will. It is encouraging to all of us.

    dad, can we skype Thursday around noon your time (6am here)? Send me an email at so I will get it today and let me know if that works.

    Love you guys and keep up God’s work.

  • Linda Hinkle

    So glad to hear that the CHE training will be multiplying. The frisbee game sounds like the most fun though!

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