Thursday in Zambia

We had a great day today in Zambia.  The formal CHE vision seminar finished yesterday, but today Brenda, Linda, Stephanie, and Tina hosted 30 women for an all-day seminar.  There was much enthusiasm, singing, teaching, discussion, and praise.   They did lessons on marriage, nutrition, and discipleship with the ladies participating in role playing and skits to reinforce the messages.  They gobbled up every word, writing it all down in their notebooks.  They are very eager to learn, and  were so appreciative with what we had to offer.
The materials we bought yesterday were put to use, as Gary, Jay, and Vince assisted Patson in a concrete project, laying concrete on all of the front surfaces and steps of the school/residence.  The warm African sun cooked us to medium-rare!  Afterwards Gary and Vince taught the children the finer points of Ultimate Frisbee, American Baseball, and American Football.  They didn’t quite understand the concept of fumbles, forward passing behind the line of scrimmage, forward laterals, etc.  I guess it is a bit complex, as in their “football”, all they have to worry about is “offsides”.  At the end of the day, there was a real, live, backyard football game, and everyone came out a “WEEE-NER”!
Vince and Jay met with Patson and some of his board of directors this afternoon to learn more about the ministry and the vision they have for development.   With the help of supporters, Patson has been able to purchase a property across the street, and has dreams of building a larger schoolhouse and expanding to offer an education to more of the community’s children.  He is a selfless man of great faith and love, and we are honored to partner with him.
We will be heading down to Livingstone tomorrow morning at 5 AM, so made our last trek across the famous “bridge”.  4 years ago during Pastor Aaron’s visit, the bridge was made up of 3 car doors lashed together.  As you can see by the picture, it just isn’t what it used to be, as now it is a series of logs and sticks  lashed together, with various pieces of old car sheet metal here and there.  (MUCH less stable than 3 car doors!)  We are thankful that nobody fell off or lost a toe.  The local children run across it bare-footed, and found our lady’s apprehension to cross it quite comical.
As the team prepares for our trip tomorrow, the ladies are busy packing, and the men are dutifully taking one for the team by watching the NCAA tournament.  Maybe we’ll even see IU play!

3 responses to “Thursday in Zambia

  • Linda Hinkle

    Oh my goodness; I’m so glad you’re done with this bridge this trip!

  • Ron McCann

    Wow! And I thought the 3-Car Door Bridge barely made the OHSA stamp of approval. Good thing you guys took that “how to be as sure footed as a goat” class before you departed. You know what they say, “some weeble and some wobble, but hopefully none fell down!

    Please know that everyone here is proud of the mission the Lord has entrusted TPCC to facilitate, and the 7 selected individuals to execute that plan. I do remember the incredible hungry they had for the word, and the expounding of the word, so I know you all are extremely busy with sermons, exegetes, and scripture breakdowns.

    Keep up the good work – The Lord is with you all.

  • Brian Melvin

    Thanks for keeping the updates coming. That’s great that Patson was able to purchase the land. We are praying. Have a great time at Victoria. Don’t let the baboons push you around!

    FYI – IU won tonite. On to play VCU in next round.

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