Friday in Zambia

Today the entire team including Patson and Patricia made an excursion from Lusaka to Livingstone to see one of the 7 wonders, Victoria Falls.

It indeed was a wonder, spectacular, awesome, and incredible, but why shouldn’t it be, considering its creator. We also had a “babboon encounter”, as a couple dozen of them came walking down the trail, families with babies on their backs, grandmas and granddads too. They just walked by us on the trail as if they were tourists not interested in us at all. We tried to act likewise, but I think we failed.

The mist from the falls, combined with the rainstorm that popped up created the first “white out” rainstorm we have ever seen. The wind blew our ponchos up over our heads, and we all had a second shower fof the day. Simply spectacular.

Tomorrow we plan to go on a day safari, and had our briefing tonight on how not to be animal food!

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