Saturday in Zambia

Today was a spectacular day of visiting the Chobe National Park.  The team left early this morning for a day of adventure, starting with a ferry ride across the Zambezi  River into Zimbabwe and then into Botswana.  Our morning featured  a river cruise which allowed us to see a vast array of birds, elephants, hippos, and a crocodile.  Several elephant families came down to the water, and it was just like family day at the pool, with splashing and playing around.  They were aware of our presence, but didn’t seem to mind at all.
The afternoon featured a driving safari which allowed us to see more birds, monitor lizards, a couple of species of impala, water buffalo, giraffes, lots more elephants and hippos, and a mongoose family.  We had to laugh at the creativity of God when we looked at the elephants.  Who would have ‘thunk of a trunk?!!   Patson and Patricia were able to accompany us on the trip as well, and we all saw a number of “first-times” today.  We love spending time with them.

We fly home tomorrow from Livingstone, so are busy packing bags and getting things ready.  We so appreciate the prayers of those of you back home, it is a reminder to us of the team behind the team. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon!

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