Nicaragua March Equipping Team – Sunday

The Traders Point team arrived safely in Managua just before noon, and were met at the airport by Aron and Henry.  The ladies at La Quinta served us a wonderful lunch and then it was off to Sunday service at Pastor Belcer’s church.  What a blessing to see the enthusiasm and love for the Lord in that service!  We expect our partners from Northview Christian Church to arrive later tonight, and we’ll spend time tomorrow getting organized for our week.  We can’t wait to see what God has planned for us all.  Love to all our families and friends at home.  Theresa, Connie, Paul, Carlene, Barb and Rod and Kim.

2 responses to “Nicaragua March Equipping Team – Sunday

  • Mary Waltz

    Glad all arrived well. It’s so nice to track with your activities, so it’s really appreciated when you have the time to blog. Enjoy!

  • Jan Woods

    I have been an active part of TPCC for about 6 years now and I don’t know any of you on this trip. BUT a very special sister-in-the-Lord is joining you from Northview….Alice!!! It will be fun to see what you are all up to – my old friend & I will get to know you all a little too! Praying for you all! Thanks for blogging!

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