Nicaragua Equipping Team – Wednesday and Thursday


I don’t know how else to describe these past 2 days.  We are all exhausted, but so filled with joy, at the blessings we have experienced with our Nica sisters.  Each of the 10 of us (Carlene, Barb, Theresa, Connie and I from TPCC; and Sue, Alice, Brenda, Laura, Alisa from Northpark and Northview) gave our testimonies.  We decorated flip flops; we worshipped, we prayed, we taught our sisters the Hokey Pokey, we cried, we prayed some more, we sang and we cried some more.  What an incredibly moving experience for us all.  There is no question that the Holy Spirit was with us in that place.

Tomorrow morning, all of us, including the 45 Nica women, are visiting the potter, having lunch, more prayer time, and then comes the hard part.  We’ll have to say good bye to those women who have become so dear to us.

Rod Duncan and Paul Strawmyer have also been busy with discipling, teaching, and learning with the young men of our sister churches.  We are ships passing in the night with those guys – we are gone all day and they are gone most evenings.  We’re looking forward to Saturday when the entire team will be back together for the day.

Each of us has our own set of stories to share when we get home, but know that we are all healthy, happy and incredibly blessed this week.

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