TCMI – Austria Session 2

Hello from Haus Edelweiss in Heiligenkreuz, Austria.  Our team of four: Tricia Fortin, Luann Hostetler, Linda and Paul Hagan, have been at the Haus since Friday, April 13th.  There are fourteen short-term workers from Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee serving at the Haus during this 2nd teaching session of the year.  We have been spending our time learning our responsibilities on each of the teams we have been assigned.  There are five classes being taught at the Haus during this session.  The professors are from Indiana, Belgium, Austria, Romania, and Australia.  The students, approximately 50, are from thirteen different countries.  The final student count is to be determined as some students have been delayed at some country borders and are not allowed to continue their travel.  You can’t imagine how much of a disappointment this is for them and for us at the Haus.

The student arrival at the Haus is delayed one day this year as the Orthodox Easter was celebrated on April 15th as many of the students needed to be in their home church.  Classes start on Wed., April 18th and the activity at the Haus really ramps up.

Our Sunday evening church service was special in many ways.  What a joy it is to praise, worship, and fellowship with our brothers and sisters here.  As I write this it came to me that our service started at 1700 which was 11AM Indy time.  We all worshipped together.  It was especially encouraging to hear stories the students had written about their times/feelings while at the Haus.

Keep the TCMI ministry and session 2 in your prayers.

Paul Hagan

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