Thoughts from the Team

“It has been amazing to see the relationships we have built with the locals despite the language barrier.” -Stephanie

“I loved seeing the incredible faithfulness that many people here have to Jesus in the face of very difficult trials.” -TJ

“The Spirit of the Lord was invading the hearts of the people during prayer. It was breath-taking and a literal on-your-knees selfless moment. Incredible.” -Lindsay

“The body of Christ extends to every nation, and when we worship Him together we are also mutually engaged.” -Lauren

“Tonight was an incredible outpouring of our hearts. It was overwhelming how when we were all serving, then praying together, the presence of the Holy Spirit was with us and flowing through us.” -David

“It was weird to be thanked by the same people who have been constantly blessing you through prayer and love.” -Peter

“We are all blessed beyond our belief.” -John

“Today I learned that when you ask the Lord to break your heart for what breaks His, He does.” -Amanda

“Never have I seen such a large amount of selfless serving come so easily to a group of people – truly a humbling experience.” -Chelsea

“We came here thinking they needed us, only to realize how much we needed them.” -Tori

“We began the day singing, ‘Open the eyes of my heart Lord’, my heart is breaking especially for the children.” -Christina

“I began sponsoring a student several months ago, but up until today she was a picture on my refrigerator; today I got to meet her and look into her eyes – I got to find out about her family, her life, and what she wants to be when she grows up.” – Krista

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