Jamaica Team Begins Work

Our first two full days here have been very rewarding, yet challenging.

On Sunday we attended the Bethel Community Church in Highgate. Being Fathers Day, there was a great emphasis on all of the Fathers. As with almost every building here in Highgate, the church building was an open air, small concrete building. However, there was nothing small about the worship that we experienced. The Jamaicans really pour there heart and soul into worship. The songs sang were very familiar to all of us.  It was comforting to see the unity in God that we had with the Jamaicans. They welcomed us, and even acknowledged the fathers that were with the team, by presenting them with a gifts.

The children at Bethel perform a Father’s Day tribute

Later on Sunday afternoon, we had the joy of spending time with the kids at the Pringles Children Home. The kids ranged in age from about 5 to 19 years old. There was so much joy in being able to play games with the kids for a couple of hours. Unfortunately the rain kept us inside the Home. Some were able to rekindle relationships that had been started from previous visits, while others were developing new ones. The only problem with visiting kids like this, is watching their faces when we had to leave.

The team plays with the kids at Pringle Children’s Home

Monday morning started bright and early, however the bright quickly turned into rain again. With our team being 23 strong, we were able to work on two different projects. Neither team let the rain hinder their work, or spirit. While one of the teams started framing a home for a single mother of 2, the others worked on the RAISE project by building a roof for a well, and by planting fruit.  The mud was a big hindrance at both projects, but all work that was needed to be completed for the day, was.

The team begins work building a cover on the well for the RAISE Jamaica Project.

The team working on the home raises the first wall

As we get ready to turn the page on our second full day, it’s rewarding to see this team growing closer together, and to see God’s Spirit moving.

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