Nicaragua June 2012, Day 3 – A Common Language

Our day started with a 6:45 a.m. breakfast and a 8 a.m. departure to the Los Brasiles community, located about 20 minutes from Managua. We went to help out at the Christian school there, called Joshua 1:8, in their special needs classroom. There are 8 Deaf students in the special needs classroom, of which 5 have been able to recieve earring aids! We got to share the excitment with them, as they had just recieved them on Monday. The joy on their faces being able to hear their own voices was a blessing. The hearing aids are attached to a battery pack with a microphone located on it. Currently many students are learning to sound out letters and form words. Here is a picture of Heydi learning to sound out the letter m with vowels. The Deaf teacher, Yadir, has been very encouraging to all of the students as he is coming to communicate with them verbally.

I have just finished my first year of college majoring in speech pathology. For my courses I decided to take American Sign Language through out the year, as just a side piece for my major. Little did I know that God would use me to communicate with those Deaf students. As Nicaragua does have their own sign language many signs are similar. In coming to Nicaragua with little known spanish, I end up finding a common language I could share while here. In this picture I got to lead a craft with some of the Deaf students and truly enjoyed my time spent with each of them.

Our team also got to do food distribution in Los Brasiles today. We served 4 families, bringing them food and tolietries, and getting to pray over their families. Being apart of the blessings that God has provided for these families has been an amazing expereince but also eye opening to their living environment. Many lived in a one room home made of wood or tin, with a dirt floor, very few beds, and kitchens outside. And yet they were all very welcoming and willing to share their homes with our team. Each family reminded our team that in every situation we should always have joy.

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