Nicaragua June 2012, Day 5 – A Blessed Day

Today was truly a blessing to be here in Nicaragua. We got to be the hands and feet of Jesus serving others, but we were served by the Nicaraguans as well. We had a busy day today. We did food distribution to the students at Rey Salomon and lunch with our sponsor children.

Today, the sponsors got the opportunity to take their sponsor children out to lunch. For some of the children it was their first time to go to McDonalds and really be out in public. They were so excited and the smiles on their faces showed it all. It was so fun to spend time with them and see them so happy to be spending time with us. The students got to play in the large play place after our lunch. They ran around wild and enjoyed every minute they were there. What a blessing to get the opportunity to spend time with them.

We also got to spend time doing food distribution to five families at Rey Salomon. We took a bag full of food and toiletries to each of the families. After giving them the food, we said a prayer for each family’s specific needs. It was such a great experience seeing where the children live and getting to know their families a little more. One particular child’s (Luis) mother was struggling with paralysis on the left side of her face. The day before, he came to school and asked for us to go to his house to pray with his mother. We prayed with him at that moment in school, but we got the opportunity to go to his house the next day for prayer and food distribution.

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