Nicaragua June 2012, Day 7 – An enlightened experience!

I first learned of NRN and TPCC’s involvement with Nicaragua several years ago from my sister-in-law Cathy Wendorf.  I loved hearing about her experiences and seeing her pictures and vowed to participate in a Special Needs team trip.  My daughter Christie was touched by God in 2009 and participated in her first trip.  From that trip I became a sponsor for a SN child named Deyling, which increased my desire even more.  Finally this year God paved the way and I joined Christie on her fourth trip. 

This week has been amazing!   I loved working with the children and meeting all the teachers. Thursday was a very special day as I finally was able to meet Deyling and her mother.  I was humbled by their impoverished home but uplifted by their loving and positive spirit and strong faith in God.  We also had an amazing and talented team this week and I learned so much from all of them!  I sat in awe as I watched the therapists collaborate and work miracles with the limited supplies they had available. Kristen made splints using materials found at the school and an electric skillet.  Erin and Nikki fitted three children with Kid Karts that came down in pieces, so their families didn’t have to carry them back and forth to school.  I watched Christie develop teaching aids on the spot to augment teaching.  I saw God’s love through Bonnie’s support of her numerous sponsor children.   I’m so impressed by the NRN Special Needs program and the spirit of the SN teachers and their untiring devotion to these special children.  Today we treated the teachers to a field trip to Laguna Apoyo, a crater lake and had a fun time kayaking, swimming, getting poured on and giving gifts of appreciation to the teachers.  The teachers said that this was best location yet!  We finished the evening with singing, skits and awards and final prep for the return trip on Sunday.

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