Traveled and Tired, but Resting in Him

After 48 hours of traveling, 3 plane rides, 48 bags of supplies and luggage, (including 900 pairs of shoes from Samaritan’s Feet, the TPCC July 2012 team has made it to Nairobi, Kenya. God blessed us with safe travels from start to finish, and He was even there to help Vince negotiate a customs fee that was placed on all of the shoes we brought for Missions of Hope.

Upon arrival we started our CHE training at the Pangani Center and we were able to take a walking tour of the Mathare Valley village 1. Next, we visited some of the classrooms in the newly built school building at the Pangani center. The children were so happy to see us! They asked us questions about our favorite animals, colors, hobbies, and food, and then they sang us some songs and shared some bible verses they had memorized. It was such an awesome experience to see children in such poverty so alive for God, visitors, and the ability to learn.

Tomorrow we will split up into different groups. Some will go to teacher training, while others will start Men’s Fraternity at Pangani and the rest will go to the slums in Bondeni to ‘bring the light’ to people that have no light in their homes.

God is already at work here, and we cant wait to see what He does next!
-TPCC Kenya July 2012

One response to “Traveled and Tired, but Resting in Him

  • Graham

    Sleeping while driving anywhere arond Nairobi is quite a feat…especially on the bus! Thanks for posting, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

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