Sunday, July 8, 2012- Nicaragua Sports Team Day 3

My experiment with including quotes from other team members seems to be fizzling out. Yesterday I was able to include 7-8 other team members in the blog. Today- 0. This is not caused by a lack of meaningful events. It is because the team enjoys being around each other so much that they gather chairs around tables and begin to play cards…so they have good reason.

Before I get to the day I would like to share something…in my youth I thought that Christianity was such a boring thing. I remember hearing that there was a lot of singing in heaven and I just thought that sounded boring. Sorry, but that was my youthful mind. But as I sit here on the patio and reflect on the adventures I have been on the last year and a half I am grateful for the life that God has lead me into. I stood on the street corner after writing the first blog entry on Friday night and I was a bit awestruck by the fact that I was standing in Managua, Nicaragua. And I thought that only God could lead me on such an exciting journey. In the last year and a half I have traveled to three foreign countries and each time has been orchestrated and carried out by God. So, my initial belief that Christianity is boring has been proven wrong by my Creator…

The day started bright and early again for me. I was awakened by the crowing roosters at about 5 and went for another run through the neighborhood. After a breakfast that included pancakes, bacon, and more fresh fruit we gathered for our devotion given by David. He used Luke to remind us that Christ calls us to give up our material possessions to help the poor and then follow Him. It was a great challenge- one that I rarely live up to. Unfortunately, I can all too often relate to the rich young ruler who hung his head because he knew he could not fulfill the requests of Jesus.

Shortly following our devotional time we were greeted by a busload (approximately 25) Nicas ready to go have fun swimming in the lake. The honking of the horn on the bus brought excitement for the team as we waited to see which of our friends from the day before would join us for the day. And when the bus pulled into the compound we were greeted by many smiling faces (of course) and hands hanging out the window. The bus ride was a bit more than an hour long and Pastor Wilber decided to wake everyone up by encouraging us to sing songs. The Nica were the first to go, of course, and they all immediately began a catchy song that made it hard to sit still. The Americans found it difficult to think of a song with tempo (sad, I know) so we busted out “This Little Light of Mine” and then after another upbeat Nica song decided to go to the old favorite “Father Abraham.” The final song was a Nica preschool song about a chicken and a frog that included many silly movements. Some of us were photographed, but time prevents me from including those tonight—breaks my heart…

We took the group swimming in a beautiful lake located in a town (Granada) that was founded in 1524. It is a beautiful city with many colorful buildings. It is a vacation destination for some of the Nica families. Once we got people into the water we had a fantastic time. There were people teaching Nica kids how to swim, people playing catch with footballs and baseballs, and attempts at building a tower in the water- we were unsuccessful at the three level towers. We swam until about 11:15, ate lunch together, and headed home. The events of the day left many tired and many eyes fell closed on the drive home.

We had an hour to get ready and then headed into downtown Managua for an afternoon church service. I’d like to be able to describe all of the events, but I did not understand most of what was going on…I mean language wise. But their love for the Lord and and desire to praise Him was evident! It was certainly moving even though I could not understand.

I have to cut it short because I am about to lose my opportunity for internet access. Tomorrow includes more sports with the kids, a trip to a Nica Christian school to play and teach English, and the all-important basketball game in the evening….it’s getting pretty serious!

More to come later- probably not tomorrow because the game will probably last longer than my availability for internet….

One response to “Sunday, July 8, 2012- Nicaragua Sports Team Day 3

  • Nicole

    I am so glad, but not at all surprised, that everyone is getting along so well. I love that praising God is so recognizable no matter what the language. And I might pay money to see you sing “This Little Light…” on a bus!

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