Monday, July 9, 2012- Day 4 Nicaraguan Sports Team

Today the blog is being written by a TPCC member named Donna Frecker. Our usual Blogger, Bret, is too busy mentally preparing for the “big game” tonight (I’ll talk more about that later). We had another fabulous day here in Nicarangua. We started off the day with a wonderful breakfast. Just in case you’re wondering, the food here is great! It’s one of the few mission trips where you won’t lose a pound This morning was cheese omelets, beans and rice (a staple), toast, fresh watermelon and pineapple which tastes so much better than in the states, cereal, tropical fruit, coffee… We then moved to the rocking chairs on the porch for our morning devotional. This morning Bret led us and I can honestly say he’s an inspirational and encouraging speaker (and he didn’t even tell me to say that). We loaded the bus and were off to the park to meet our families. On our first day at the park, we realized that we weren’t just working with kids, but with families. We had plenty of activities for teens and young adults, but nothing planned for their mothers that came along. Therefore, we came up with an activity for them today. Pau, Dawn and I purchased supplies for manicures and spent the morning pampering these lovely ladies and some teenage girls. It was a blessing for the three of (spoiled U.S. women) to provide some TLC to these ladies. While we were massaging their hands with lotion and working on their nails, we were able to connect with some personal conversation. We talked about their families, a health concern (please pray for Nancy), their faith…. WE were blessed to be able to provide this special attention.
Of course the men and teenagers weren’t interested in manicures and spent their morning playing baseball with the young adults and teens at our camp. The teams were mixed with our group and the Nicas, so there was much bonding and encouraging going on. Some strong connections have continued to grow and develop. I would tell you who won, but I was too busy doing nails, so I don’t even know who won. No injuries/stitches today and only one bruised palm from our very nimble pitcher, so it was a great morning.
We stopped by McDonalds for a quick lunch on the way to our next adventure. We broke into two groups to visit local schools. My group visited Rey Solomon. During our afternoon, we visited/participated in two classes – English and PE. The English class made me realize, once again, how difficult the English language is (and I’m a reading teacher). As I spelled words to the students, they made many interesting errors such as: I would say “S” and they would write “es”, when I said the letter “U”, “you” was written, for the letter “t” they wrote “the”… These spelling errors were simple mistakes compared to deciding which tense of “ate” to write (we have many choices: ate, eat, eaten, eats, eating…) What a crazy language to learn. The gym class was outside in the courtyard and VERY hot, but similar to gym classes in the US. We do have a prayer request for one of the students we met. His name is Nathaniel and we noticed that he had a very enlarged left cheek. His teacher told us that he’s having surgery this Wednesday to remove a cancerous tumor in his muscle. This will be followed by chemotherapy so please continue to pray for him. His recovery will be long and difficult. The other half of us visited Tavernaculo Agua Viva. Many other interesting stories that may be mentioned by Brett at a later time.
Back to the Quinta for another great meal (chicken, rice, delicious beans and carrots, amazing guacamole, salad, bread, juice…) Bret barely ate a bite as he was too geared up about the big game tonight (USA against Nica). The guys have had fun “trash talking” in advance, but we’re hoping for a Christian game
We are now at the “big basketball game”. Our team is hyped and ready to go. We have MANY spectators to cheer along our team (over over 35 of us from the Quinta, not counting players). Our college aged girls even made signs to cheer along our team. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 15 to 11 (team USA). Half time update: Aaron just asked me to mention that his Uncle Bret cannot stop coaching and is ready to tell his team what to do… “Once a coach, always a coach”. Actually David is doing his best coaching too. The score is now 28 to 16 (team USA). End of the third quarter shows a score of 33 to 32 (USA). This is becoming some great competition! Only a few minutes left and the excitement is growing… We’re really witnessing some talented players on both teams. I’m sitting right behind Jackson and Aaron and they are going crazy! So much suspense and excitement! Aaron just yelled, “I can’t watch”! Only seconds left… And the final score is 57 to 53 – USA! And the crowd goes wild! Another quote from Aaron, “they never lost the lead the whole game, but geez they came close”. Both teams formed a circle and ended with great sportsmanship in a Christian environment. And a huge thank you to our new friends from Austin Christian Fellowship for coming to play with us!!

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  • Nicole

    Praying for Nancy and Nathaniel. His surgery is later today, if I understood correctly. Please let us know how it goes. Thank you for this great blog. I am Bret’s wife and my heart was pumping quickly reading about the game. I have sat behind him for many games while he coached, but have never seen him play an important game like this. I know it meant so much to him and I am so glad our son Jackson was there to see it. All for the glory of God. I am always in awe of how God can use the skills he gave us to share His love with others!! Your group is a perfect example of using what you enjoy doing to make an eternal connection. Anything can be used to bring glory to the Father! Press on.

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